Painting Work

SCD group of services offers an amazing variety of room sets, color combinations, and decor inspirations. You can add amazing combinations with our expert’s ideas. That will be more than enough to enhance beauty of your room, office, or whatever.


Gypsum Work

Gypsum is one of the so many other building materials which enhance the beauty and is covered by umbrella term “Gypsum Panel products”. These products contain gypsum cores and it can be finding with a variety of different materials like wall papers, fiberglass mats etc.
Walls with gypsum work and ceiling have a number of advantage.

  1. Sound Isolation
  2. Durability
  3. Fire safety
  4. Economy
  5. Stylish Look

Wallpaper Work

Wherever comes the term beauty either building a house or decorating an office, wall papers plays really very important role and SCD technical services really gives you quality of work in this era specially. Work with us will make your walls very beautiful and worth seeing.

Carpenter Work

SCD technical group of services helps to install and build a variety of carpentry projects. From building to crown molding and installation, our professionals will serve you just after one call. Our group is name of quality. SCD carpentry work will be enough to increase the overall value of your house.

A/C Work

SCD Electricians are very cooperative to full fill your any requirement. We are just away on a single call. Punctuality, promising work and quality is our first priority.

Tiles Work

People love decoration of their house with beautiful tiles. We assure you that our cooperative assistance about it will make your project valuable.

Electrical Work

SCD technical services group is well known name in the field of technical services. Our services in electrical work are more reliable than any other.

Swimming Pool Work

To maintain your pool yourself or use SCD technical services it will give you a lot of difference.  SCD professionals will give you proper chemistry to maintain it, so that you can enjoy your backyard paradise. Proper maintenance will give you more fun in the sun.

Plumbing Work

For residential, commercial and emergency plumbing services, SCD technical services are available 24/7.  Promising work is our first priority. Clogs and crushed pipes is one of the main problems in plumbing but our experts will resolve these issues like they were never before.

Garden Work

SCD technical services plays very important role in gardening. We cut lawns, grassy areas for large and small areas either is home, school, flat or commercial. Just give us a single call and get a quote from us. SCD group of services is really famous in quality of work with economy prices.




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